Friday, April 10, 2009


Duit boleh belikan tiket untuk korang ke syurga, tapi ramai yang tempah tiket ke neraka. Kenapa? Diorang takde akal ke? Tiket nak ke neraka pun kena bayar ke? Bukan free ke? Mahal ke tiket nak ke syurga? Kenapa kebanyakan tiket ke syurga ditempah oleh orang miskin sampaikan Nabi ada doa untuk mintak jadi miskin? Apa yang kita semua tak tahu atau buat-buat tak tahu? 

Apa ada pada duit?

Siapa taknak duit kan? Siapa pulak nak duit dia dapat kat orang lain ye tak? Kalau korang rasa duit adalah segalanya maka korang dah mengangkat duit lebih utama dari sepatutnya. Korang tak sanggup nak berpisah dengan duit yang korang ada macam Encik Krab dalam Sponge Bob. Korang tak boleh hidup tanpa duit. Korang tak sanggup berpisah dengan duit. Korang sanggup buat apa sahaja untuk duit. Pernah tak korang tukar perkataan 'duit' tu dengan 'Tuhan'?

Duit siapa pada kita?

Kalau dah dok dalam wallet korang tentu le korang yakin duit tu korang punya kan? Kalau korang bagi derma pun korang rasa korang la yang bagi rezeki kat orang yang terima duit korang tu kan? Tak ke camtu? Korang nak orang yang terima duit dari korang tu berterima kasih kat korang, kenang budi korang, hormat kat korang. Kat mana Tuhan dalam senario ni? Pastu korang mengaku koranglah yang pemurah dan korang nak Tuhan ingat kemurahan hati korang yang suka berderma tu kan?

Ada duit semua boleh jadi?

Memang bila ada duit semua boleh jadi. Jadi takbur, jadi tamak, jadi angkuh, jadi riak, suma'ah, dan jadi macam-macam lagilah. Jangan salahkan duit tu bro.! Duit tu tak menanggung dosa atau pahala. Pokok pangkalnya korang. Korang bila tak berduit komplen kat Tuhan tapi bila berduit tak berapa nak ingat Tuhan. Pastu korang sangka kalau dah ada banyak duit korang dah tak sibuk nak kejar dunia dan boleh beribadat dengan tenang walhal kat luar tu korang tengok orang yang ada duit semua huru-hara mengejar projek, menguruskan bisnes, bizi siang malam, lupa keluarga, lupa sejadah...dan korang masih percaya duit boleh memberi kebahagiaan dunia dan akhirat.

Syukur dengan pemberian dan apa yang diberi.

Ada duit syukur, takde duit sabar ajelah. Cukup ke bersyukur dengan memuji Tuhan aje? Tuhan suruh buat apa dengan duit tu tak pulak korang buat. Mana zakat? Mana sedekah? Nak tunggu duit banyak dulu baru boleh buat semua tu ke? Korang tengok orang yang banyak duit dari korang buat camtu ke? Bukan ke lagi kedekut, lagi kemut, lagi bakhil tahap nauzubillah? Apa beza korang dengan diorang? Siapa lagi dermawan, jutawan yang menderma seribu ringgit atau si fakir yang menderma singgit sahaja kerana dia cuma ada itu aje? Pastu korang nak serah pakai cek besar bagi semua makhluk kat dunia nampak. Korang ingat Tuhan tak nampak ke? Pilihan di tangan korang. Nak book flight ke syurga atau sebaliknya. Korang fikirlah sendiri!

Tandoori (English version)

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Business Tips

(Another attempt at translating an article in here to English for those who missed out the one written in Malay.)

Want to know about a business with guaranteed profit, without risk, success confirmed as long as you do it with clear heart and passion...and you have the most famous and revered person of all time as your guarantor, His Excellency The Prophet Muhammad ; peace be upon him.

Recycling the world for the hereafter

Everything on earth will never last forever, be it tomorrow or the day after, it will surely deteriorate. For instance, our dear selves, we shall perish at anytime, only that we haven't got our 'expiry date' engraved on our forehead. Everything that we have today is not given to us for us to take for granted. For those who know how to plant and use this world we are in right now, to pluck the fruit of their effort in the hereafter, shall enjoy the boundless profit  that last forever. Therefore, what are we fighting for here? Give and you shall get. What you give, you get back.

Monetary exchange

This is not your usual money exchange but exchanging what you have into goods that will last forever. Just give out to those in need, the orphanage, the less fortunate, the weak, the scholars, those are the outlets for divine monetary exchange. So, since we all agree that we shall take the flight to the 'otherside' at anytime, where the currency wouldn't be in Ringgit Malaysia, American Dollar or Dinar, what are waiting for? Don't worry about the current exchange rate because you will always be a winner and if you are blessed, you wont know how to count what you get.

Public Service

Maybe you haven't got much of a capitol to start up with these so-called business, you can still donate your time and energy. Whatever that you have, know, good at, whatever!...Just use it for the sake of God, you will never loose in anyway. Teach whatever you have strength, have time, spend it wisely for His sake. Don't ever think that He doesn't pay you in return. He can give more than what we could ever imagine but the problem with us is haste. We want it right here and right now (that's why we hesitate to do good) even when He have repeatedly reminded us in His Holy Qur'an that what you shall get in the hereafter is so much more in value and would last forever. Be patient. Maybe today is the last day we live and work for Him on this world, tomorrow might be the beginning of a new and beautiful life after death. Who knows!

Fixed Deposit

Where do you keep all what you get from your labour? If you still keep it in your bank accounts, you are in for a big surprise my dear. What you have now in there wont help you one bit if you are to be six feet under (which you will and surely will be except knowing when), you know what I mean. Why don't you open a saving account at the Bank Of God and you'll see that He will multiply what you put in as much as He like. It is a saving that will save you and your soul both at the same time. Where can it be found? It is wherever you put in the name of God, may it be in the hands of the poor, the unfortunate, the orphans, the needy and so much more. Don't worry about form-filling. There's an angel for that right by your right side to do all the accounting (and do give the one on your left a break from writing down all your sins all these while). So, forget stingy, forget greed, hoarding it for God and God alone. Be honest... Be-lieve! After all, isn't it stated on the dollar notes...'In God we trust'

Friday, April 3, 2009

CCTV english version

This is a trial for an english blog that I am planning to construct but yet to find the time to translate articles from this site for those alien to Malay language. 

Nowadays there's CCTV everywhere. That's good, for safety. People are more aware thet they are being watched and less crimes. Unfortunately people seldom realize that they're constantly watched upclosed no matter where they are all the time. ALL THE TIME! 24-7!

Guardian angels

They are not your ordinary apartment guard at the gate but they're there to write down all your deeds, good or bad, big or small. You'll get to see what they have in there once you are face to face with God. Get it handed to you by your right hand, nice...otherwise, good luck Buddy!


On your deathbed ( or wherever death finds you ), inhaling the few last breath you got left, there'll be a premier viewing of your life. A flashback show of all your life story in a flash. When they say that your life flashes in front of your eyes, they weren't kidding! If what you see is nice and dandy, you'll be smilling through your ears but if the movie is more like a horror or parental advisory kind of film, you knew what the critics would be like. Therefore, be nice. I mean it. This is your 'reality TV show', you are the candidates. When you get "You're Fired!" from God, it mean you get hell fire and its really HOT.

Line clear

Remember when you were kids and you sent someone to watch your back while you are up to no good? There's nothing that God over sees. Even what goes in your heart God knows. There's no such thing as 'line clear', you're always clearly seen...and clearly heard. The problem is, most of us aren't afraid of God. We all fear getting caught by the police, the guards, disciplinary teachers, parents and such. What are we going to answer to God when our tapes are played to public back there?


If you're trying to change for good, repent, through with all the sins you've done but can't get over all the bad things you've done, don't feel hopeless. God loves people who want to find their way back to Him. Repent thoroughly and continuously. Think nice of Him. Do not give up hope even when you've done bad deeds as high as the mountain or as deep as the ocean. If you're lucky, all the recording will be deleted, even when you've asked forgiveness to the people that you've wronged but they still think you're evil. Forget about them. The point is what God think of you, not them. They're not the one doing all the accounting there in the hereafter.