Friday, April 3, 2009

CCTV english version

This is a trial for an english blog that I am planning to construct but yet to find the time to translate articles from this site for those alien to Malay language. 

Nowadays there's CCTV everywhere. That's good, for safety. People are more aware thet they are being watched and less crimes. Unfortunately people seldom realize that they're constantly watched upclosed no matter where they are all the time. ALL THE TIME! 24-7!

Guardian angels

They are not your ordinary apartment guard at the gate but they're there to write down all your deeds, good or bad, big or small. You'll get to see what they have in there once you are face to face with God. Get it handed to you by your right hand, nice...otherwise, good luck Buddy!


On your deathbed ( or wherever death finds you ), inhaling the few last breath you got left, there'll be a premier viewing of your life. A flashback show of all your life story in a flash. When they say that your life flashes in front of your eyes, they weren't kidding! If what you see is nice and dandy, you'll be smilling through your ears but if the movie is more like a horror or parental advisory kind of film, you knew what the critics would be like. Therefore, be nice. I mean it. This is your 'reality TV show', you are the candidates. When you get "You're Fired!" from God, it mean you get hell fire and its really HOT.

Line clear

Remember when you were kids and you sent someone to watch your back while you are up to no good? There's nothing that God over sees. Even what goes in your heart God knows. There's no such thing as 'line clear', you're always clearly seen...and clearly heard. The problem is, most of us aren't afraid of God. We all fear getting caught by the police, the guards, disciplinary teachers, parents and such. What are we going to answer to God when our tapes are played to public back there?


If you're trying to change for good, repent, through with all the sins you've done but can't get over all the bad things you've done, don't feel hopeless. God loves people who want to find their way back to Him. Repent thoroughly and continuously. Think nice of Him. Do not give up hope even when you've done bad deeds as high as the mountain or as deep as the ocean. If you're lucky, all the recording will be deleted, even when you've asked forgiveness to the people that you've wronged but they still think you're evil. Forget about them. The point is what God think of you, not them. They're not the one doing all the accounting there in the hereafter. 


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