Friday, July 10, 2009

Key to Paradise

In the name of Allah the Most Mercyful and Most Compassionate

For those who is looking for a way toward heaven

To enter Eden you need a key

You need to make the key here in this world, this life

The key consist of certain combination

Before you came into this world you remember the combination

You have it with you all along all this while

However as we get older we tend to forget

Somehow it is embedded in your heart

To recall them you need to perform certain deeds

Your heart knows when you hit the right numbers

Just like a click when you try to open a safe

Remember the number

Find the right combination

The right order

Follow through all the way through your life

And you surely will find your way to paradise

That's why Aishah said that The Prophet was a walking Quran

He is the key

The correct combination

He live the way all of us should live our lives

He is the answer to our quest

The quest to the path toward paradise.

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